Clothing Textile Recycling

What we Do – Clothing Textile Recycling

Clothing Recycling.  We recycle various materials of knitted clothing such as wool and acrylics, as well as woven materials, sorting them into grades from: unwearable material of no cotton content, for example, wool knits and woven wools and mixed colours.

Why it works

The clothing once graded, sorted and packaged is shipped mostly to Africa and sold to distributors who have per-sold bales of clothing to their customers.

The sale of clothing is a large employer in Africa as there is a total lack of mechanical tools.

There, the clothing is sold in markets in every town, and city and village, every market stall has an owner/operator(providing employment in Africa). These markets are stall based and so thousands of families earning an income.  There are people who manually unpack the containers, porters, tailors and the sellers all feed families because of our exports.

 Your clothing may be used in emergency relief operations. 


Who benefits

We establish connections firstly between business and the community.  There are many involved between the clothing donors, the charities and those who benefit from the charities, employers and employees, customers and suppliers.